Millelec Ltd SuperPro

Product Features

  • Easy to operate
  • Built-in grinder and compressor
  • Proven accurate moisture measurements
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Automatic calculation of average value
  • High measuring range
  • Adjustment of calibrations
  • Back light display for easy reading
  • Invented and produced in Denmark
  • Available by Millelec Ltd in Ireland!

Quick and Easy

The Superpro is a sturdy tool with a unique built-in grinder made of hardened galvanized steel and a casing made of shockproof ABS plastic. It comes in a shock proof carrying case, so you can take it with you on the tractor, in the granary, etc.The robust design makes the Superpro very handy. With the local language in the display and pre-programmed with crops, the Superpro is quick and easy to use. The backlit display is easy to read, even in poor light conditions.

Portable and reliable companion

Effective grain storage is essential for ensuring crop quality and preventing loss of product. Accurate moisture management is key to safe storage. The Superpro is a new generation of digital grain moisture analyzers that gives consistent test results. In a single operation, the portable Superpro moisture analyzer grinds and compresses the grain. Along with automatic temperature compensation, the built-in grinder leads to more reliable results.

Principle of measurement in the Superpro

The Superpro measures the conductivity and temperature of a grain sample. The exact moisture value is calculated by means of an advanced measurement technique, developed through many years of hands-on experience.The grinding and compression process homogenizes the sample, guaranteeing a high reliability of the Superpro when measuring grain in the field or in storage.

Average readings for better accuracy!

The changing nature of grain when harvested or dried, makes average readings a significant advantage. Greater variability was seen in freshly harvested grain, compared to grain stored for some time. Traditionally, errors are frequently ±0.5% and can be greater in very wet, very dry or freshly harvested grain. The Superpro makes it quick and easy to make several separate measurements. Four to five readings will automatically be used to create a reliable average reading. By using average and calibration adjustment, the accuracy can be better than ±0.25%, in the normal moisture range!

To adjust the calibration of the meter

Superpro is factory-calibrated for every crop, using the official methods of measuring moisture content as compiled by ISTA (International Seed Testing Association). The calibration scales are compiled using samples of crops grown in normal conditions. Differing growth factors between years and between varieties can have an effect on the electrical characteristics of the crop. It can therefore be necessary to occasionally recalibrate the meter.

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