Millelec Ltd Brabender Viscograph®-E

Product Features

The Viscograph measures:

  • Gelatinization and gelification properties of starch and starch containing products
  • Hot and cold viscosity
  • Stability of thickening agents or binders
  • Acid stability of starch
  • Extrudate testing
  • Measurement of industrial starch
  • Measurement of liquids, suspensions, pastes, etc.

The sample is heated up within a rotating bowl and cooled down again, both under controlled conditions. Together with the comfortable Windows software, the integrated, self-optimizing temperature controller allows programming and storage of any temperature profile with heating / cooling rates of 0.5...3°C / min. A measuring sensor reaching into the sample is deflected according to the viscosity of the sample in the bowl. This deflection is measured as torque. Get reliable and reproducible data about the rheological properties of your material - thick or thin boiling, different thickening capacities, gelification, high or low hot and cold viscosity, stability, etc. from

  • Beginning of gelatinization (A)
  • Gelatinization maximum (B)
  • Gelatinization temperature
  • Viscosity during holding (B-C)
  • Viscosity at the end of cooling (D)


  • Automatic test procedure
  • Storage of any number of temperature programs
  • Heating / cooling rates of 0.5...3°C / min
  • Electronic speed control (0 - 300 min-1)
  • Low-deflection torque measurement
  • Free selectable measuring ranges
  • Automatic adaptation of the diagram scaling
  • Evaluation in BU, mPas, cP or cmg

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