Millelec Ltd Brabender Labofix Grain Cleaning System

Product Features

The Labofix combines all processing steps which in production practice require air separators, flat or round sieves, and indented cylinders - compact, and all in one.The grain to be cleaned is loaded into the hopper and runs automatically through the entire cleaning process. In this process, all foreign particles are separated from the basic grain.


Sample weights of 50 g are processed with the same accuracy and reproducibility as those of several kilograms. The Labofix stands out for many favourable processing features:

  • Low-noise and dust-free operation
  • Variable combinations of air separator,
    sieves, and indented cylinders to suit every need!
  • Inclination adjustment with positive or negative angle
    for prolonged residence times or quick discharge!
  • Easy change of indented and / or grading cylinders through
    quick clamping device
  • Continuous rating up to approx. 50 kg/h of wheat

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