Millelec Ltd Brabender Farinograph®-E

Product Features

  • Measure the water absorption of flours
  • Determine the rheological properties of the dough
  • Check production and flour blends in the mill
  • Test rye flour, sponge batters, egg foam, etc.
  • Special applications e.g. for chocolate, chewing gum, fish,
    `cheese, meat etc.
  • Test full formula doughs


Fill your flour / water suspension into the heated measuring mixer where it is subjected to a defined mechanical stress by the rotating mixer blades which are driven by a motor, carried in a pendulum bearing. The resistance of the dough against the blades, which depends on the viscosity of the dough, causes an opposite deflection of the motor housing. This deflection is measured as torque and recorded and plotted on-line as a function of time in a clear color diagram.


  • Variable speed 0 - 200 min-1 / 0 - 175 min-1
  • Higher torque 20 Nm
  • Temperature -5°C to 90°C
  • Recording of energy and temperature
  • Different mixing tools available

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