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Brabender is the leading company for the development, manufacture, and distribution of instruments and equipment for testing material quality and physical characteristics in all fields of research, development, and industrial production in the chemical and food industries all over the world.

Brabender Break Mill SM 3

The Break Mill SM 3 is a small, sturdy laboratory mill for sample preparation for the moisture determination and for analysis of e.g. protein or fat. It is for all sorts of grain like wheat, rye, oats, barley, rice, etc., and even for large kernels like corn.The special construction of the milling system prevents heating of the sample and loss of moisture during the milling process.

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Brabender MT-C Oven

The Brabender® MT-C provides a quick method for moisture determination on all types of material, e.g. grain, flour, feedstuff, fibers, synthetic material, etc. The method meets the Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2182/2005 for tobacco. Furthermore, the solvent content of organic and inorganic materials can be measured.

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Brabender Single Screw Extruder

C.W. Brabender® Laboratory Extruders are built to meet rigid manufacturing standards. They must provide close test reproducibility in order to act as measuring heads to the C.W. Brabender® torque rheometer drive unit, a precision instrument. Their output depends on testing variables such as, melt temperature, extrusion material, screw and die design, rpm, pressure and feeding.

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Brabender Labofix Grain Cleaning System

The Labofix reliably processes all sorts of grain, e.g. wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, rice, sorghum, grass, vegetable and flour seeds, and manifold other granular material.Use the Labofix wherever you need to clean and / or grade granular samples reliably and reproducibly.The Labofix is also suited for determining the percentage of impurities in compliance with the EC regulations for standard qualities of soft wheat, rye, barley, corn, sorghum, and hard wheat (EC 824/2000).

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Brabender Farinograph®-E

The determination of the flour quality and its processing characteristics are a basic demand in the milling and baking industries for ensuring optimum and uniform flour qualities for the manifold baking and noodle products.

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Brabender Extensograph®-E

Use the Brabender® Extensograph®-E for measuring the stretching properties of your dough, in particular the resistance to extension and the extensibility, to make reliable statements about the baking behaviour of the dough.Like no other instrument, the Extensograph®-E shows the influence of flour additives like ascorbic acid, enzymes (proteinases), and emulsifiers and, thus, permits to determine the rheological properties of each flour and to adjust the ”rheological optimum“ for the respective purpose.

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Brabender Viscograph®-E

The Viscograph®-E is the standard instrument worldwide for measuring the viscosity of starch and products containing starch. The instrument measures native starch - wheat, corn, potato, rice starch – just like all types of modified starch reliably and reproducibly and supplies a complete profile of the rheological properties of your products

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